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English Test News

28 September, 2017 by SuperAdmin

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Masters programs

Tbilisi Teaching University (TU) with 20 years of experience in the field of education is pleased to announce the following postgraduate programs:

Food safety
Duration and recruitment on master's, tourism, management and finance programs:

Duration: 2 years (120 credits)

Masters Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Graduate Degree with Graduate Degree Exams and Degree Exams / Interviews at Teaching University in Foreign Languages ​​(If you do not have a B2 level knowledge document) .

Qualifications to be awarded:

Master of Business Administration in Tourism - List of subjects

Master of Business Administration in Management - List of subjects

Master of Business Administration in Finance - List of subjects

Duration and Mode of Law Master Program:

Duration: 2 years (120 credits)

Rule of accepting the examination in the English language - test type - C is a candidate who is eligible to qualify for English language B2 level certification certificate, as well as candidate who has completed a full or incomplete course in English And / or in the US).

The Master of Law Program aims to provide students with deep and systemic knowledge:

Private, public or criminal law and comparative law studies;

Basic peculiarities of national and foreign legal systems, law theories, institutions, material and procedural norms, general principles, values ​​and values.

Eligibility Qualification: Master of Law - List of subjects

Duration and Approval of Masters in Food Safety:

Duration: 2 years (120 credits)

Method of acceptance: Diploma and equivalent person and Bachelor's graduate who has passed unified National Graduate Exams and has passed Master Degree / Interview in a Teaching University. The exception to the general rule of enrollment in "Tbilisi Teaching University" is permissible only in case of law. The specialization of food safety is enhanced in the Masters Program according to the rules of acceptance in the TAU MA. Examinations / interviews will be conducted by the Faculty of Masters Degree Programs

Additional Requirements: Those who want to study the program for which Georgian is not a native language shall be required a certified copy of the certification certificate of Georgian language. In case of competition on the master's degree program will be transferred in accordance with the rules regulating the curriculum in the university.

Eligibility Qualification: Master of Agrarian Sciences in Food Safety

Food Safety - List of subjects

Me. Products and Raw. Goods. - List of subjects

Documents to be submitted:

Statement on Rector of Tbilisi Teaching University

Certified copy of diploma and attachment certifying higher education;

A copy of the ID card;

A copy of the military certificate;

Certified copy of certification certifying the knowledge of foreign language B2 level (if any).

Masters programs are provided by qualified professors and teachers at Tbilisi Teaching University.

Tuition Fee: 1800 GEL

Why TU?

Exchange Programs in the Best Western Universities;
Diverse, active, creative student life;
Modern, western-type education;
Student Employment and Initiatives Support Center, various certification and training programs;
Student Studies Center
Lecturers with practical experience;
Free Preparation Course for Those Who Do With Masters Exams
Tuition fees can be paid on a monthly basis as well as four stages;
Successful students get scholarship;
The university has its own building in the center of the city: Ninoshvili str. 55 (near metro stations "Station Square" and "Marjanishvili");
For each academic group, free excursions are provided;
The university has a criminal laboratory, a moot courtroom and a news studio