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Law School

1. Faculty

Bachelor’s Program

2. Name of the program:

Law 0601 

3. Qualification to be awarded:

Bachelor in Law

In English

Bachelor in Law

Head of the Programme

Anna Chighitashvili

Tel: 599 547 042


Devi Khvedeliani

Tel: 599 366 958


4. Program capacity in credits:

Bachelor’s Educational Program in Law includes 240 credits, 60 credits per year, 30 credits per semester. Program duration - 4 years, the academic year is based on the semester principle, one semester covers - 20 calendar weeks. The academic year is planned for 40 weeks. One credit is equal to 25 hours including both the auditorium and the independent work.

188 ECTS credits of the Bachelor’s Program in Law are required to develop the necessary competencies for the profession, including: 128 ECTS credits are required for the specialty modules and 30 ECTS credits for the optional modules.

In addition, the practical skills module has 20 ECTS credits and 10 credits for the compulsory practice.

The university module covers - 15 ECTS credits

Foreign Language Module includes 37 ECTS credits (a student who has selected English as a mandatory subject for enrollment at the academic program as a result of Unified National Entrance Examinations, follows the following scheme: 2 + 3, in particular: two semesters he/she will learn basic language and three semesters a sector-specific language. And the student, who had chosen different foreign language at the Unified National Entrance Examinations for the enrollment, will follow the following scheme: 4 + 1, four semesters he/she will learn the basic language and the one semester sector-specific language).

Program Goals and Objectives:  

The program goal is to prepare the specialists in the field of law who can cooperate with the higher education and the scientific-research institutions, NGOs and employers, who is oriented to labor market, is competitive, with high civic and national self-consciousness, with broad theoretical knowledge and high professional competence.

  • To give knowledge on the basic peculiarities of the national legal system, law theories, institutions, material and procedural legal norms, the general legal principles and values;
  • To promote acquiring the ability to follow the legislative amendments, judicial practices, and scientific innovations, as well as to continue knowledge update in the field of law;
  • To promote developing the skill using the  theoretical knowledge in practice in the field of law and other skills required for the specialization of the field;
  • To develop an ability independently solve the legal problems in the field of law, as well as the skills required to evaluate the issue, analyze, discuss, verify, and solve the problems;
  • To develop the ability to exercise in practice the justice, protection of human rights and social and democratic values in the field of law.

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