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Where do I get jobs

Law school:
Law enforcement agencies
Public institutions
International organizations
Non-governmental organizations
Private institutions
Graduate, within the Bachelor's Degree qualification, may be able to work on a position that does not require a master's qualification.
The graduate, on the Law of Georgia "On Higher Education", can continue studying in the next educational stage as in law and other specialties.
Business school:
Business administration
Educational Program graduates can engage in business activities and occupy positions of lower and middle level manager.
State-government structures;
Structures of international organizations;
Any sphere and ownership of enterprises and firms;
Banks and other financial institutions;
Commodity, stock and currency exchanges;
NGOs and all those organizations related to economic activity;
Tourist firms, agencies, hotels and so on. Sh.
Tourism school:
An educational program graduate can engage in tourism business activities and occupy the position of lower and middle manager manager; Its activity can be communicated to any sphere of economy and business.
State and government structures;
Tourist firms, agencies, tourist complexes, hotels and so on. Sh.
Structures of international tourist organizations;
Any sphere and ownership of enterprises and firms;
Non-governmental organizations and all those organizations related to economic activity.
School of Humanities:
English philology
English Philology Educational Program graduates can be employed in public and private sectors, NGOs, broadcasting (television and radio) and print media sectors, in English-language organizations, editions, publishing houses and museums, libraries and archives. Translators in translation bureaus, travel agencies where knowledge of English is preferable to B ++.
School of Social Sciences:
public administration
First of all, public administration bodies where graduates will be able to work as public servants after the course.
In addition to the managerial, economic and technical components mentioned above, they will have the prospect of employment in their commercial sphere.
Convergence with the managerial of general-political, social, legal, economic and philosophical components will pave the way for non-profit sector.
Their education, knowledge and qualifications will enable them to show high competitiveness and work in the management and administration direction of commercial or non-commercial
In institutions where there is no need for a Master's degree, they will be preferable to the public sector: in the state and local self-government bodies.
International Relations
The field of professional activity of the graduates is determined by a broad spectrum of activities with international, state and non-governmental structures. Accordingly, the graduate will be employed in public institutions, NGOs, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector, mass media.
The types and directions of the course's professional activities are information-creative, informational-referential, medium-sized, consultative, educational-cognitive.
In case of successful completion of the program, future journalists will have the opportunity to employ the following: broadcast media outlets (TV and radio companies), news agencies, internet / new media, print media, public relations offices, press services, etc.
Agro-engineering School:
Food technology
State and non-governmental structures of agricultural technology, agrarian direction; Food quality control, food quality determinants (inspections). State agencies and agribusiness sectors of the agrarian profile related to the standardization and certification of fuels products and the relevant profile structures of other food products
Bachelor's employment in agro-engineering is the state, private and non-governmental structures of agrarian direction; Project engineering organizations. State agencies of Agro Engineering, Agro Service Centers, private firms whose activities are related to agriculture, mechanization service providers and arrangement of irrigation infrastructure. The bachelor of agro-engineering can work in the following organizations and related profiles.
Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
Agro-agricultural cooperatives and agro-service centers;
Georgian Technical University Institute of Water Supply
In the United Management Systems of Georgia